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Team Captain Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is a Team?
  2. What are my responsibilities as a Team Captain?
  3. What can I do to ensure my team’s fundraising success?
  4. How can other walkers join my team?
  5. How should I use my Team Participant Center?
  6. How do I send an email from the Participant Center?
  7. How do I email my Team Members?
  8. How can I keep track of important dates and deadlines?
  9. Where do I get Team T-shirts?
  10. What are this year’s incentive awards for fundraising?

1. What is a Team?
A team consists of two or more people—our biggest teams have over 100! Any team that registers 10 or more walkers by March 9th qualifies for a team meeting station on the day of the Florida AIDS Walk & Music Festival. Teammates can be friends, family members, co-workers or anyone who would like to join!

Building a Florida AIDS Walk team makes the experience of training and fundraising as a group a little easier, a lot more fun and more memorable.
Teams can work together to create fun and unique fundraising opportunities, such as car washes, yard sales, dinner parties and more!

2. What are my responsibilities as a Team Captain?
Your main priority is to keep your teammates informed and motivated. In addition to sending emails to team members, Team Captains may host team events, plan team fundraising activities, and/or lead training walks. Your level of involvement is up to you, and will directly affect your team’s progress!

Recruit new team members. We encourage you to recruit new members and inspire your teammates to do the same. Set a recruitment goal for your team and surpass it!

Set a team fundraising goal. Because the need is so great, we urge you to set an ambitious team goal.

Set up and maintain your team’s webpage. Upload a team photo and write about why your team is doing the walk!

Most teams design t-shirts to wear the day of the Walk. In addition to being a fun keepsake, the t-shirts help your team stand out at the Event. If you need any referrals for t-shirt design and printing, please contact

3. What can I do to ensure my team’s fundraising success?
Create a team fundraising event: yard sales, car washes and dinner parties have all been successful in the past!

Create a fundraising timeline for your team, including events, fundraising letters and follow-up. Track teammate progress and congratulate members on achieving their goals. Don’t be afraid to praise your team!

If you are a Facebook user, make a GROUP page that is dedicated to your team, and use it as a forum to praise and motivate your members.

Keep your team motivated! Remind them that every dollar raised will save a life by helping Floridians living with or at risk of contracting HIV/AIDS get the information and services they need to stay healthy.

Start fundraising early! It never hurts to be the first email your friends and family receive!

4. How can other walkers join my team?
When you recruit new team members make sure they know the name of your team. Upon registering, they should select the “Join a Team” option, and search for your team name.

If new team members have already registered for the Florida AIDS Walk as Individual Walkers, contact us at to have them assigned to your team.

5. How should I use my Team Participant Center?
After registering as a Team Captain, log in to your online participant dashboard.

Set up your team webpage:
Select “Your Team Fundraising” and then "Edit Your Team Page" within the Dashboard to set your team fundraising goal and personalize the team page.
Change the “Team Message” text to talk about why your team is walking together.
Click on “change image” to upload a photo of your team to your webpage.

Send out invites to build your team:
Select "Invite Someone to Join Your Team" within the Team Page of your Dashboard, and use the default message or write your own to encourage others to join your team. The email message will automatically include a direct link back to your team page to make it as easy as possible for email recipients to join your team.

You can also cut and paste the direct link mentioned above into your personal and/or Facebook emails, as well as your Facebook status, to encourage people to join your team.

Review your team progress. On the Team Progress page, you can see a list of your team members along with their fundraising progress. Use this information to praise, motivate, and even stir up a little competition within your team!

6. How do I send an email from the Dashboard?
Select "Create a Message" within the Participant Center to access a default message for recruiting team members. You can use the pre-written team-building letters as a starting point, and then edit and send your message.

If you want to create your own message, select "Create Your Own Message" to start from a blank email.

If you are creating your own message, enter the recipient’s email address or select your recipients from your Address Book after importing your contacts.

Enter the subject and body of your email. Once you have composed an email, you can save it as a template for future emails. The saved message will then appear on the list of suggested messages.

7. How do I email my Team Members?
You can use the same process above to send an email to everyone on your team. To do this, go to your dashboard and enter text above the “Send a Message to My Team” button. Click the button when you are ready!

8. How can I keep track of important dates and deadlines?
Please opt-in to the Florida AIDS Walk emails when you register. This is the fastest way to receive information as event news develops.

As it gets closer to the event, important announcements, deadlines and dates will be posted in your Participant Center. Please visit it regularly so you don’t miss out.

9. Where do I get Team T-shirts?
You may make your own team T-shirts. If you want to use the Florida AIDS Walk logo in your design, you can request them by sending your name and contact information to

10. What are this year’s incentive awards for fundraising?
Florida AIDS Walk merchandise will be given away as awards for Walkers who raise $100, $250, $500 and $1000. Come back to the site soon for announcements about what these prizes will be!

Additionally, Walkers who raise $1000 or more will be awarded the title of POWER WALKER. Power Walkers will be given a crown to wear on the day of the event, and will also receive extra “perks” to be announced soon!

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