Join My Team

Dear Friends and Family,

I am writing to you because I hope that you will join me in an exciting and inspiring effort to help fight AIDS and support those living with HIV in our community. I recently registered to participate in the Florida AIDS Walk & Music Festival on March 23 on Fort Lauderdale Beach, and I’m looking for some company!

The war against AIDS has raged on now for more than thirty years. While we’ve seen some lifesaving medical advances in the treatment of HIV/AIDS during this time, HIV infections continue to skyrocket in number, and South Florida is still one of the nation’s leaders in new cases year after year. The AIDS Crisis is not over. This is unacceptable, and I’m not yet ready to stop fighting.

To take part in fighting this disease, I’ve formed a team to participate in the Florida AIDS Walk & Music Festival, a fundraiser and 5K walk along the Fort Lauderdale Beach on March 23. Would you please consider joining my team, and supporting our effort to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS? In return for your commitment, I promise you a rewarding and motivating journey leading to a day that you won’t forget (and a little fun along the way, too)!

The donations that we raise will be used to provide needed care and services for the people in our community who are living with HIV/AIDS, regardless of their ability to pay. It will also fund the expansion of free HIV testing, prevention education and treatment referral right here in Fort Lauderdale, and throughout the state of Florida. 

Using the link below, please visit my personal fundraising webpage, where you can join my Florida AIDS Walk & Music Festival team (or make a donation).

I hope you’ll join us! (You’ll be glad you did.)