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Thank you for visiting my Florida AIDS Walk & Music Festival webpage. For several years, working as CEO of the Poverello Center, Inc., a beneficiary of this years AIDS Walk, I've seen firsthand how the funds raised translate into important programmatic change and outcomes. Throughout the Poverello Center's 31 year history we have faithfully served the HIV community with nutritious, healthy groceries when people with HIV most need them. Many have come up to me in the community with fondness and reflecting on a time in their lives when, "I had nothing" and they say they were able to get help from the Poverello Center's Eat Well Center. We are able to change lives with funds raised from past events. Here are some examples of what we've achieved together:

in 2017

We were able to provide 76 varieties of fresh fruits, herbs and vegetables over the course of the year from which our program participants could choose. 

Of the 2670 individuals with HIV we served, 88.31% achieved viral suppression. 

We implemented online and mobile ordering, reducing the wait times at our Eat Well Center by 20% for those who elect to order over their smart phone or computer.

in 2018

We implemented our Pop Up Eat Well Center and brought food to people with HIV in Palm Beach County who need food but are on the Ryan White waitlist for food at Compass with once monthly food distributions (all with money raised in the 2018 AIDS Walk.

We are the only food pantry in the nation to ever be selected for funding under Ryan White Part F "Special Projects of National Significance" for implementation of Screening, Brief Intervention, Referral and Treatment through a collaboration with AIDS United, Fenway Institute, University of California at San Francisco.

We began our signature "Healthy Grocery Delivery" to those who can't get to the Eat Well Center due to illness.

For all these reasons, I continue to take an active part in the battle against AIDS, and on Saturday, March 23, I will participate in a 5K fundraising walk along Fort Lauderdale Beach to address the escalating spread of HIV/AIDS in South Florida, and provide care for those already affected by the disease. To support our efforts, please make a donation to my campaign right here on the Florida AIDS Walk & Music Festival website. Your gift to this worthy cause is fully tax-deductible. You can also register today and join me on the walk!

Please bookmark this page if you're interested in keeping track of my progress as I approach the March 23 fundraising deadline. I encourage you to browse the rest of this website if you’d like to learn more about the Florida AIDS Walk & Music Festival, or the current status of HIV/AIDS in our community.

To make a donation, please click on the "SUPPORT ME" button above. 

Thanks again! Your gift makes a direct impact on my goal to save lives right here in Florida from the devastation of HIV/AIDS. Together, we are making a difference!


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